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All around the world, you will find many LGBTQIA+ members. While their relationships are still frowned upon by many, the rate is decreasing, and we are seeing more acceptance and tolerance throughout. If you’re gay, the good news is that you are one of the most accepted of the LGBTQIA+ community (along with bisexuals and lesbians). And while there are still more heterosexual and cis online dating websites, there are plenty of options for you as well. You can find love, serious relationship, casual relationship, and kinky hookups; you just have to find the best gay sites. And luckily for you, we’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to. Below you will find the best men looking for men sites in Australia so that you can find the perfect Aussie single to date.

Flirt logo
4 /5

Special Features:

  • Flirtcast
  • Like Gallery
  • Info Request
  • Profile Videos


  • Generally casual relationships and hookups, both hetero and gay


  • 1 Month - $27.30
  • 3 Months - $45.90
  • 6 Months - $73.60

Mobile App:

  • There is no mobile app available

Experts Opinion:

  • A prime example of men looking for men sites where you can find something light and casual
AdultMatchMaker logo
4 /5

Special Features:

  • Testimonials
  • Adult Mode
  • Winks
  • Chatrooms


  • The biggest adult casual dating website in Australia with 2.5+ million members


  • 1 Month - 49.00 AUD
  • 3 Months - 110.01 AUD
  • 12 Months - 159.96 AUD

Mobile App:

  • There is currently no mobile app

Experts Opinion:

  • It works for everyone who is interested in casual dating and kinky things
Cupid logo
4 /5

Special Features:

  • LikeBook
  • Chat Room
  • Private Chats
  • Winks
  • Quiz Matching


  • It’s a general website with all types of relationships available, both straight and LGBTQIA+


  • 1 Month - $23.99
  • 3 Months - $62.37
  • 6 Months - $95.94

Mobile App:

  • There is an Android app, but not one for iOS

Experts Opinion:

  • Men looking for men can use this site for serious dating and casual dating.
EbonyFlirt logo
5 /5

Special Features:

  • Chat
  • Like Gallery
  • Cute or Not game
  • Send Likes
  • Flirtcast


  • Only serious relationships, both straight and gay, with black singles
  • Prices:

    • 1 Month - $28.80
    • 3 Months - $48.60
    • 6 Months - $79.20

    Mobile App:

    • There is an Android app, but no iOS app

    Experts Opinion:

    • One of the niche gay sites focused on black singles and interracial relationships.

What Exactly Are Text Dating Apps?

Part of the general online dating websites, text dating apps are the ones that focus mostly on texting rather than on video chats, for example. These are the perfect option for shy people or those who wish to study the process of online services more before jumping in full speed ahead. It’s a nice and fun, easy and non-time-consuming way of enjoying chatting and relationships as you can use applications whenever you wish to. You can text for as little or as long as you desire, from anywhere you are. You can send a message and get on with your day, spend some more time on text dating apps while you’re on your commute from home, or just have some time off.

Personal Text Dating Apps Experience as a Man - Highlights

Since I’m not really confident in myself and quite shy, I’ve decided that it should be me who tries text dating apps. As I spend my days writing and reviewing, I thought it would be a great fit as I can just keep on writing bt by chatting to people. And I was right. It’s insanely easy and very fun, and I’ve had a great time getting to know women online. What can I say? It’s definitely easier to try online dating than offline, and it’s been proven once again as now I can just skip live video chats and such and try it the way I am personally comfortable.

What I Learned from It — Lessons

What I’ve learned is that you can try online dating in whichever way works for you. The teams that create text dating apps and apps and websites, in general, take into account everything and figure out what your needs and desires are. You can find dates no matter who you are or what you are into. No matter if you are good-looking or not, super smart or average, friendly and open, or an introvert. It’s pretty amazing to think about the fact that there really is someone for everyone.

My Recommendations – Tips on a Great Experience

Find the websites or apps that work for you. If you are like me, then text dating apps are the way to go. Take advantage of every special feature and every perk of the website that you are offered. Use filters and set preferences and ensure that everything is the way you desire it to be. The algorithm will do the rest for you, and you can find mates with not very much effort and in complete safety. Just remember that you must not give out your personal information to strangers and be careful when setting up real-life dates.

Pros and Cons of Text Dating Apps - Hits and Misses

  • Easy to use
  • Mobile and user-friendly
  • Work fast
  • Great for introverts
  • You can be shy but still communicate
  • Not everyone wants to text; some will like to video chat
  • There are no websites that are 100% for texting

Advantages of Text Dating Apps in Australia – Bullseye

Australia is the country of possibility when it comes to online dating. There are many niches in which Australia is winning right now, and one of them is that of text dating apps. The advantages are simple: Australia is a huge country, and there are many websites that cater to Aussie singles’ needs. You will surely find the right website and a whole bunch of eligible singles nearby that you can date.

What Are Some Milestones of Text Dating Apps

As you keep on texting, you might become more comfortable with yourself. You can come into your own and gain confidence while chatting to singles. You will soon be able to use all the functions and even level up to different types of online dating. You can then try anything else, and you will find the perfect single to start a relationship with. But don’t skip the first step: sign up to text dating apps today!

How Do Text Dating Apps Work – Insight?

You sign up for an account, make a complete profile and use the filters available to find nearby singles near you who are interested in the same things you are. Then you chat and see where it goes.

Example of Good Text Dating Apps

Cupid and Flirt were our personal favorites, but there are many others out there that will fill all your needs and tick all your boxes.

Do Text Dating Apps Work?

Yes, they can work, assuming you really give it your all and chat to as many people as you can. Don’t worry; the AI will help you.

Join Text Dating Apps for free today – they do not disappoint.

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