Best Cougar Dating Sites in Australia

It is easy for all your cougar needs to find an apt site, whatever your location might be. However, it is important to review these sites for specifics related to safety, ease of use, and of course, the authenticity of members.

The best sites boast countless personals for users to Look through, and more importantly, they do not discriminate. These sites cater to all dating types, including playing host to the LGBTQ community. Niche sites focus on specific types of hookups, including gay, kink, or the like.

Milf hookups involve older, sexy women linking up with younger, hot men, primarily on an NSA basis. These sites combine like-minded people seeking genuine members to engage in safe, intimate fun, and our review handles that. We compiled a list of viable site options in Australia, regardless of your sexual orientation or relationship type.

flirtycougars logo
4 /5

Special Features:

  • Match Feed; Like Gallery for cougar hookup fun
  • Activity feed shows who’s viewed your profile and sent winks
  • Friends list


  • Mainly older women are seeking young men for casual, senior hookups


Trial membership @ $ 4.23

  • 1 month @ $ 18.20
  • 3 months @ $ 30.62
  • 12 months @ $ 49. 49

Mobile App:

  • There is no Flirty mobile app available

Experts Opinion:

  • Decent site for young men, especially because the women are genuinely seeking young hunks for clean cougar dating.
luvcougar logo
4 /5

Special Features:

  • Instant messaging for fast hookups
  • Video and live chatting available
  • Matching service for good connections


  • Primarily naughty, casual flings between older women and younger men.


  • 1 month @ $ 33.36
  • 3 months @ $ 58.69
  • 6 months @ $ 94.85

Mobile App:

  • Mobile adaptive site is available for on-the-go members.

Experts Opinion:

  • Our panel of experts reviewed and concluded that this site is, in fact, a viable choice for young men seeking older women for casual dating.
tendercougars logo
4 /5

Special Features:

  • Like Gallery and Safe mode features for safe dating
  • Account promotion/visibility
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Mostly older women casually dating young men


  • 1 month @ $ 34.99
  • 3 months @ 19.99 per month. Total = $ 59.97
  • 6 months @ $ 15.99 per month. Total = $ 95.94

Mobile App:

  • No TenderCougars app is available for download.

Experts Opinion:

  • This site boasts genuine personals for naughty yet safe milf linkups Australia and is recommended to all genuine cougar seekers.
flirtymature logo
5 /5

Special Features:

  • Like Gallery
  • Milf hookups facilitated with Flirtcast messaging
  • Satisfaction policy


  • Several older women and younger men are engaging in Flirty, naughty dating.


  • 1 week @ $ 7.00
  • 1 month @ $ 28.80
  • 3 months @ $ 16.20 per month. Total = $ 48.60

Mobile App:

  • There is no mobile app.

Experts Opinion:

  • A fabulous dating site for senior men and women to find short-term flings with peers. Younger crowds, including sugar babies.
wantmatures logo
5 /5

Special Features:

  • Flirtcast
  • Like gallery
  • Safe mode
  • Satisfaction guarantee.


  • Women above 50 years of age discreetly seeking younger men for casual flings.


  • 1 month @ $ 41.40
  • 3 months @ $ 23.10 per month. Total= $ 69.30
  • 6 months @ $ 18.60 per month. Total = $ 111.60

Mobile App:

  • There is no mobile app available

Experts Opinion:

  • The site is full of genuine younger members seeking like-minded fun with older women. It is a fun and safe site to join for anyone seeking safe cougar dating.

What is Cougar Dating – Please Expound

When a young is in the arms of an older woman he calls his lover, that is the best definition and visual representation of cougar dating. When two like-minded people, one sometimes old enough to call the other son, get together for naughty dating, this is cougar dating.

Incidentally, it can only be termed cougar dating if one is an older lady and the other a younger man. Ordinarily, cougar dating does not last very long, meaning the union is rarely a long-term one. The partners meet, like each other, and promise to reciprocate each other’s needs in a short-term, casual fling.

Sometimes, this relationship may involve the exchange of monies, whereby the lady, or cougar, lavishes the young man with gifts. To reciprocate, the man offers sexual favors in return. It is almost always a relationship void of any emotions, purely exchanging material things for sexual gratification.

Personal Cougar Dating Experience as a Man

Cougar dating is fun, especially when the two parties are in sync. My experience was with a woman significantly older than myself, but it was so much easier because we fine-tuned everything before we met. This fine-tuning meant having met online. We discussed what I wanted, and more importantly, what she needed.

After only a week or so, we were making merry having luncheons and, of course, intimate nights together. Online cougar dating is fun, and like any other form of dating, it requires doing your homework regarding the personals and people you are engaging.

Here is what I learned from It

Take your time engaging the person, whether face to face or online. Really get to know the person you plan to have a relationship with, first through chatting and later through normal face-to-face conversations. Older women do not beat around the bush (pun intended), and they appreciate honesty. Laying it all on the table is important, so if you seek someone to spoil you as you pleasure them sexually, mention that unequivocally. Cougar dating is not for the fainthearted, and you will come across plenty of criticism and perhaps even ridicule. Online cougar dating eliminates such negative experiences.

My Recommendations for Cougar Dating

Find a lady who truly understands your needs, but equally important, be sure you can meet her requirements as well. If you know you cannot commit, do not lie to her.

Take time knowing the lady. Join reviewed sites like Flirtymature, Wantmatures, and Tendercougars. These sites boast genuine personals, so you won’t encounter scammers.

If you smell something fishy, there is probably a reason to be concerned. Always report seemingly fake profiles to administrators.

Never meet an apparent cougar for the first time, alone. Take a friend with you, and once there, you can decide if they should leave or stay till the end - safety before anything else.

Pros and Cons of Cougar Dating


  • Younger men have less baggage in terms of exes or ruined marriages
  • Older women also have less baggage, and they know what they want, as opposed to younger females
  • Old dogs have old habits, but younger ones are easy to tame, train and mold
  • It is a fun time to be yourself – women want sex, they get it, and men want money, and they receive it


  • If the lad is too young, he may also be immature, leading to babysitting rather than cougar dating
  • Stereotypes and ridicule as the society will undoubtedly call the woman desperate or a whore

Benefits of Getting with a Cub

Cubs have less stress to lay on the woman. When you date a younger man, you get the best, especially in bed. Cubs are thriving with hormones and adrenaline simply ready to bust from their loins. Older women have to fend off young men due to high libidos.

You either need to purchase libido-enhancing pills or Flirt with them forever to get them rearing to go with older men. While dating cubs, cougars enjoy having someone they can control in bedroom matters and social behaviors. Cubs are easy to understand as well – they only want to be showered with gifts. The rest are but bonuses.

Benefits of Getting with a Cougar

As a young man dating an older woman, you are privy to a few benefits. Older women have little time to waste, and you will ALWAYS know what they want and need. With cougars, you only gain; never do you lose. For instance, she will spoil you with gifts, or at least a few perks here and there, and of course, there is the sex. Cougar dating also involves less stress. You will never have to pay for anything, or at the very least, expensive dinners will be covered. Because cougars have enough life experiences, they will share enough for you to carry on to your next relationship.

How Does Cougar Dating Work?

A young man finds an older woman seeking what he can offer. The two get together and satisfy each other’s needs.

Tips on a Good Cougar Dating Site

An example of good cougar dating sites is Flirtymature and Wantmatures.

Do Cougar Dating Sites Work?

Cougar sites require good profile creation, and you can expect a stunning cougar dating experience.

Join cougar dating sites for free today – they do not disappoint.

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